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Container Home Living: What Are the Benefits?

Container home on the water
Shipping Containers are a more affordable way to live oceanside

Over the past decade or so, there's been an explosion int he popularity of tiny home living and for good reason. Tiny homes are more affordable because they cost a fraction of a traditional home and have lower upkeep costs, they're environmentally friendly and use up less energy to keep running, they're usually mobile, and they offer a simpler and more versatile style of living.

So in the universe of tiny homes, why should you chose a container home? There are so many benefits!

1. They're cost effective

We mentioned affordability already, but container homes have an extra leg up on other tiny living options, because the shipping container offers a sturdy shell to provide structure to the house. Instead of having to frame out the home, the container does all of the heavy lifting, so speak.

2. They're "Green"

Shipping container homes are more eco-friendly because they are reusing shipping containers, as opposed to using new materials, reducing the pollution that usually comes with a new build.

3. They're extra sturdy

Shipping containers are built to last through conditions out at sea, so they are super durable and can withstand harsh weather.

4. They're easy to build and install

Shipping containers are easy to convert into fully functioning homes, at a fraction of the time of a traditional new build.

5. They are super versatile

Shipping containers can be converted into pretty much anything! Even if you're not looking for a full-size container home, shipping containers make great home offices, gyms, man caves, artist studios and shops.

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